WD Hall Historic House Tour


In celebration of our Centennial, the El Cajon Historical Society sponsored a tour of the Historic JPR Hall Ranch House, located within the city of El Cajon.

Built about 1896, the house was the focal point of a 60 acre ranch with wheat, hay, an orchard and a vineyard planted by the parents and siblings of W.D. Hall.  The house has fondly been called the House of 12 Halls for the parents and 10 children.  Jesse Phillip Rexford and his wife Charlotte arrived in San Diego in 1886 and not finding the city to their liking, bought land in the east end of the El Cajon Valley.  After working on the Hotel Del Coronado (now 125 years old), Wilson Dana Hall, eldest son, helped his father build the current home out of redwood.  The family gave up the home in the 1930s and after various owners, remodeling in the 1940s, and sale of much of the land, the home is now surrounded by tract housing. The home was purchased in 1959 by former city councilman and mayor Albert Van Zanten and his wife June.  It is now owned by their daughter Jonna Waite and her husband Ken.